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The source creates a "field of light and shadow" in which one can make wormholes compatible with vision and thought. The wormhole compatible with the vision is called "light vision" or "local field access". It brings two places of the real 3d space closer. The one compatible with thought is worst. The tiny amount of light that passes through the eye instantly converts all the thought and the observer finds himself immersed in another space in which he visualizes his other self unconditionnaly. This is not an autoscopy, reality 2 exists. In addition, the geometric study of the field normaly anticipates the real and concrete journey by wormhole using the 2x2d light frame of reference. The geometry of the system is very rich and even allows discoveries in mathematics of all kinds: "Chord between a right-angled triangle and a right-angled isosceles triangle", "How to split a 45 degree angle in half", etc. Experience impact all areas.